Pre-Veterinary Pathway (42-46 Math/Science Credits)

Veterinary schools differ much more in their pre-requisites than do medical or dental schools.  It is important for students to determine the specific requirements for each veterinary school they wish to apply to.  Minimally, coursework could include

Other recommended and/or required courses:

Other requirements:

The GRE (graduate record examination) is required for most applications.

Extensive animal-care experience (small to large animals in the range of hundreds of hours) and veterinarian shadowing is expected.

Students with GPA’s above a 3.3 are considered more competitive.

Pre-Veterinary Pathway Sample Four Year Plan



Fall I

Spring I

WRT101 Composition I (FY)

Writing Intensive (WI)

MAT170 Calculus with Review or        MAT181 Calculus I (QR)

MAT171 Calculus I with Review OR MAT115 Biostatistics OR MAT120 Stats (QR)

BIO103 General Biology I (SI)

BIO104 General Biology II

CHE110 General Chemistry I (SI)

CHE111 General Chemistry II

Fall 2

Spring 2

COM162 Public Speaking (OC)

PSY100 Intro to Psychology

Foreign Language I (IC)

Foreign Language II (IC)

CHE210 Organic Chemistry I

CHE211 Organic Chemistry II

Major Course (IL)**

Major Course

Gen Ed  (HW)

Gen Ed (CT)

Fall 3

Spring 3

Major Course

Major Course

Major Course

Major Course

BIO105 Anatomy & Physiology I

BIO106 Anatomy & Physiology II

PHY110 or PHY120 General Physics I

PHY111 or PHY121 General Physics II

BIO312 Genetics OR                               SOC100 Intro to Sociology

BIO300 Cell Biology OR                               SOC100 Intro to Sociology

Fall 4

Spring 4

BIO421 Biochemistry Lecture

Gen Ed (CP)


BIO216 General Microbiology


Major OR Free Elective


Major OR Free Elective


Free Elective OR MAT115 or MAT120 Statistics



*Students who did not take pre-calculus in high school are encouraged to take MAT133 Pre-calculus during the summer prior to the start of this program.
**Biochemistry or Biology with a Chemistry minor  is recommended, but not required for Pre-Veterinary Majors. 

Taking multiple lab sciences in a semester can be very challenging. You may wish to reduce your course load and take some courses in the summer.  Speak with your advisor about this possibility.