Image from Annual Report

“Twin-Sun River: An American POW in China,” a three-act play written by Professor of English Dr. Shouhua Qi, debuted in April at the Shanghai Theater Academy with eight performances.

The play is narrated by Private First-Class Simon Mackenzie, who disappears in the heartland of China to find his dream of solace, but finds his dream tested over and over by flood, famine and the Chinese Revolution. He becomes enmeshed with a Chinese family whose only son did not return from the Korean War and falls in love with the soldier’s “widowed” wife. He is suspected of being a spy for the Russians and is beaten by the Red Guards. Throughout his trials, Mackenzie realizes that he cannot run away from his destiny, which is to build his own peaceful existence in his heart.

“My goal is to get the younger generation to see the history of the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, not just the boom of China as the next superpower,” Qi said. “The Korean War is a forgotten war in this country, too. It’s the first war the U.S. didn’t win. It’s not the most glorious page in our history. We don’t want to forget our soldiers and their history. We don’t want to forget the lessons we draw from it.”