Image from Annual Report

WestConn kicked off a yearlong series of events to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the birth of our 16th president with a special “Political Fight Night.” Political Fight Nights were scheduled every second Wednesday of the month through the semester.

At the first event, students, professors and the public gathered to debate “If Lincoln were alive today, would he be a Democrat or a Republican?” Members of the audience were invited to present their arguments on a “soapbox,” and audience applause determined the outcome.

“Lincoln’s story is inspiring. It’s about mobility, advancement and the self-made man and that’s why it is germane to a university setting,” said Dr. Burton Peretti, professor of history and non-Western cultures.

“Anything that gets people to talk about history is important,” Peretti said. “Lincoln tried hard to say what the Civil War was about; what we were fighting for and whether it was a power struggle or something higher.”