Image from Annual Report

From summer’s terrific displays of lightning and thunder, the hurricanes and tornadoes that storm their way into fall, and winter’s snow squalls and blizzards, weather is always a hot topic at WestConn.

In April, more than 150 people interested in meteorology — from professional meteorologists and researchers to students and weather enthusiasts — gathered at the university’s Second Tri-State Weather Conference in the Midtown campus Science Building. “It’s a research conference where meteorologists who conduct research present their findings,” said WCSU Assistant Professor of Meteorology Rob Eisenson. “And the term meteorologist includes the amateur hobbyist to the professionals.”

Eisenson said he came up with the idea for the conference after traveling the East Coast to conferences. “I thought there was nothing of this type in the New York metropolitan area and we needed one. We have a beautiful facility here with the Science Building and there’s no conference like this in the New York area,” he said.

Forecasters from the National Weather Service in New York made several presentations including one on the regional tornadoes of 2007 and Tropical Storm Hannah and provided information on the blizzard of 1886.