Image from Annual Report

The Connecticut State University System celebrated the 25th anniversary of the creation of a centralized and cohesive connection between the four universities: Central, Eastern, Southern and Western.

Each university celebrated the anniversary and the release of a book about the history of CSUS called “We Are Four: We Are One,” written by Tom Farnham, professor emeritus of history at Southern.

President Schmotter spoke at a gathering in Warner Hall to mark the celebration.

“The things Western and our sister institutions have accomplished wouldn’t have been possible without the strength and muscle of the Connecticut State University System, especially on the funding side,” Schmotter said. “With our relatively manageable size — four universities — we are able to work together to achieve an economy of scale and learn from our colleagues on other campuses to do more than we would otherwise. The system supports us in our mission as an institution that serves students and serves the state of Connecticut.”