Image from Annual Report

The Connecticut Science Center and the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) formed a partnership that brings science applications developed by university faculty to Connecticut Science Center visitors. The new “i4 Initiative” showcases science research and applications under way and highlights career paths for young people pursuing scientific fields. Initial applications to be featured include geology, genetics, navigation and technological simulations.

Science faculty from a range of academic disciplines will be included on a rotating basis each year. “Finding Our Way - Navigation and Remote Sensing” presents a historical perspective of multicultural navigation, as Associate Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Theodora Pinou and Dr. Scott Graves of Southern Connecticut State University have developed a unique Wii-based tracking device that will help visitors explore navigation and how past cultures have solved the problem of understanding where they were, how to get to someplace else, and how to return. Within the Science Center, visitors will use the device to experience remote sensing. Research on satellite tracking of marine turtles around the globe, for example, presents real-world applications to remote sensing technology and how it is increasing our understanding of earth systems.