Image from Annual Report

With rising energy prices cutting deep into pockets, more commuters are looking for energy-efficient and affordable transportation options. In 2008, gas prices soared, forcing many to find cheaper means of transportation.

As a result, Tatum Lakowsky and Cyndi Berry, of the university’s Financial Aid office, were enthused by the idea of carpooling. They noticed several of their coworkers driving from the same direction to school during the morning and evening commutes and figured a vanpool would help save hundreds of dollars a month and reduce unneeded stress. Riders come from as far away as Bristol and Southington, with the bulk coming from the Waterbury area.

Lakowsky and Berry discovered a program called Rideshare, a nonprofit organization that provides commuters with a car or van — depending on the number of riders. 

About a dozen WestConn employees take part in Rideshare. The van leaves Waterbury every morning from a commuter lot off Interstate 84 and leaves the WCSU Midtown campus each afternoon.

“Not only are we saving a lot of money, but we are also lessening the congestion on the roads,” Berry said.