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Abigail Disney talks about saving the world

Philanthropist and producer Abigail Disney hosted a showing of her documentary “Pray the Devil Back to Hell” and told the story of its filming to students and community members.

Disney, the granddaughter of Roy Disney, a cofounder of the Walt Disney Co., made the film about a group of women who helped to bring peace to war-torn Liberia.

Disney said she wanted to tell the story of these individuals who made a difference through personal action.

“If this story is not remembered, it would be a huge crime against these women,” Disney said. “We chose not to forget this one.”

She made a point to the students in the audience:

“The deal is, no one expects you to save the world by yourself. What you have to do is become part of the collective — the constructive movement — that moves forward to make a difference. Together you can save the world.”

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Abigail Disney discusses her documentary, "Pray the Devil Back to Hell."