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Lyme disease specialist offers tips on tick control and Lyme protection

In March, Western welcomed Connecticut State Entomologist Dr. Kirby Stafford, an internationally recognized expert on Lyme disease and the ticks that carry it, who discussed the origins and nature of the disease and means to prevent its infectious spread to humans.

“Fight the Bite: Ticks and Lyme Disease” was presented as part of the WCSU “Science at Night” lecture series. Stafford’s lecture outlined various methods to achieve effective personal protection and control tick infestations in and around the home. He has authored and coauthored more than 50 articles published in scientific journals. In 2004, he published a popular handbook on tick management to raise awareness among public health authorities, pest control professionals and the general public about practical strategies to contain the spread of Lyme disease and other infectious diseases borne and spread by ticks.

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