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Danbury ranks #1 in enrollment

Danbury ranks #1 in CSUS enrollment, #3 in CSUS alumni residents

Danbury is the home of 1,419 students who are enrolled in one of the four universities of the Connecticut State University System (CSUS) — more than any other city or town in the state.

Being the largest university system in the state, with approximately 36,000 students and 180,000 alumni, CSUS plays an integral role in the education of Connecticut students as well as the state’s cultural life and economic well-being. Currently, 93 percent of CSUS students are Connecticut residents, and no community has more students attending Western, Southern, Central or Eastern Connecticut State University than Danbury.

“The Connecticut State University System focuses squarely on Connecticut, and nearly 9 in 10 of our graduates stay in the state to pursue careers, raise families and contribute to the state’s vitality,” said Chancellor David G. Carter. “We’re accessible, affordable and provide high quality education, preparing students to succeed in the 21st century knowledge-based economy.”

WCSU President James W. Schmotter said the four universities are part of Connecticut’s economic foundation and will help the state compete in the future.

“These numbers demonstrate how WestConn and the other Connecticut State Universities serve the needs of the students and families of our state,” Schmotter said. “I’m gratified that so many Danbury residents recognize the quality and affordability that our CSUS institutions provide.”

Danbury also is among the communities with the highest percentage of CSUS alumni in the state. Danbury is ranked third with 3,530 known alumni living in Connecticut, exceeded only by New Haven and Hamden. CSUS graduates are a critical asset to Connecticut’s workforce in such high-demand fields as in nursing, education, and the STEM fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

“Everyone in Connecticut knows someone who attended Central, Eastern, Southern or Western, and with good reason,” Carter said. “Graduates of these universities are making a difference, everywhere in Connecticut, in communities large and small. The leadership they provide across many fields of endeavor is what makes this state a great place to live, learn, work and stay.”

The solid track-record of the four CSUS universities — reflected in a record-setting 6,870 degrees awarded in 2008 and an all-time high in full-time enrollment this year — helps propel Connecticut’s economy and provide the state’s businesses with an innovative, dynamic and well-prepared workforce, possessing the critical thinking skills that are increasingly in demand.

The CSUS universities also provide a significant economic benefit to Connecticut, estimated at $1.84 billion last year. Overall, the CSUS universities are responsible for generating $8 of economic activity for every $1 of state general fund appropriation.

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Incoming students line up to participate in the "Through the Gates" ceremony, a university tradition to kick off the new academic year; students meet and mingle during Orientation; parents prepare to send off their students — many of whom are not far from home.