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Can we blame the sagging U.S. economy for our involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan? According to Justin Raimondo, co-founder and editor of, we can. He claimed that American taxpayers have shelled out $1 trillion for combat operations and war-related activities since 2001.

Raimondo, also the author of “Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement,” focused his November 2010 discussion on the status and future of the American antiwar movement and why Americans should care.

“Both parties, being creatures of Washington, believe that the inhabitants of the Imperial City know what’s best for the world and are entirely qualified to run it, sending troops hither and thither to repress native revolts with the same hubristic disdain they display for the folks at home,” Raimondo said.

The discussion was sponsored by the WCSU social sciences department and the Ridgefield Liberty Cooperative.

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Justin Raimondo, co-founder and editor of, spoke on campus in early November.