Stand Up for What You Believe In!

Small classes, innovative programs, accessible full-time professors and enough money to support the facilities at Western should not be sacrificed if the governor consolidates state college governance, urged WCSU students and faculty at an open forum.

About 25 faculty and staff and a dozen students met with state Sen. Beth Bye, D-West Hartford, chairwoman of the Senate Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee.

They discussed Gov. Dannel P. Malloy's proposal to consolidate the state university and community college systems and cut aid to state colleges by about 9 percent.

Bye asked what makes Western special and how it would suffer if the proposal were passed. Small class sizes are important, attendeesĀ agreed.

Students also made their voices heard at Connecticut State University System Lobby Day at the state capitol and on the streets of Danbury as "zombies."


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Clockwise from top:
WCSU Honors student Olivia Schulze tells legislators about the effect of proposed budget cuts on students.

Professor of Political Science Dr. Christopher Kukk (left) and a large student contingent joined students and faculty from the other Connecticut State University System campuses at the capitol in Hartford for CSUS Lobby Day.

Campus radio station WXCI encouraged students to parade as zombies to call attention to the budget crisis.