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The entrepreneurial spirit was celebrated in October 2010 at a luncheon honoring Middlebury electrical contractor Paul Dinto and a lecture featuring nationally acclaimed business startup expert and author Barry Moltz.

Dinto, founder and owner since 1987 of Paul Dinto Electrical Contractors, received the 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year Award at a luncheon.

Moltz, author of three books and commentator for national media and a weekly radio show on entrepreneurship, offered his insightful and humorous perspective on key elements for success and failure in business startups when he delivered the Macricostas Lecture.

The award and lecture were funded by grants from the foundation of Brookfield industrialist and philanthropist Constantine “Deno” Macricostas and his wife Marie.

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Middlebury electrical contractor Paul Dinto was honored as the Entrepreneur of the Year at a campus luncheon.

Business startup expert and author Barry Moltz also spoke about entrepreneurship at an evening lecture on the same day.