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To actively engage and inform WCSU students by raising their awareness of the world around them, the “Step into the World” program provided a hands-on, personal approach to understanding the United Nations through engagement and dialogue about globalization, human rights and other international issues.

Students from the WCSU Honors Program and the campus Newman Center traveled to New York City on March 8, 2011, to visit the U.N. and participate in discussions held in conjunction with the celebration of International Women’s Day. Goals of the “Step into the World” program included the promotion of greater student awareness of their role in the global community, understanding of important international issues, and openness to become involved in justice, peace and environmental issues. Participants in “Step into the World” also met after the New York field trip to discuss their experiences and prepare displays to share what they have learned with the university community.

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Digging Deeper

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A trip to the United Nations provides exposure to a wide variety of international issues. Among them, protestors from the Ivory Coast.

The UN Refugee Agency provided one of many displays for students to consider.

Student Amy DiFrancesco stops to consider a biography of Helene Berr while at the U.N.