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No taxation without representation. A federal government with limited powers. Remember those words? They are part of the U.S. Constitution and on Constitution Day, WCSU Professor of History and Non-Western Cultures Dr. Kevin Gutzman discussed our country’s founding document, the way it was supposed to work and the way it works today.

Gutzman said, “Essentially, the idea of the Constitution was that most political decisions should be made by legislative elections through the state, and that the federal government should be given few powers, such as military and diplomacy,” Gutzman said. “The current behavior of the federal government assumes that it has unlimited authority. We have the opposite model from the one we adopted when the Constitution was written.”


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Digging Deeper

Professor of History and Non-Western Cultures Dr. Kevin Gutzman, a frequent resource for the media on issues pertaining to the U.S. Constitution, spoke about his favorite document on Constitution Day.