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Western presented its 14th Cabaret to benefit the WCSU Child Care Center on April 13, 2011, at the Westside Campus Center Ballroom.

The Cabaret was initiated in 1996 in response to increased interest on campus to provide a child care center. The first Cabaret was held in order to raise awareness and support startup of the center, which opened in September 1997. The event has been held since then to raise funds to provide child care grants to help WCSU students offset the cost of child care.

Since the opening of the center, more than $58,000 in grant money has been awarded to 122 students, which has helped offset up to 30-40 percent of their costs.

Jennifer Torres was able to come back to WCSU with a 3-year-old child because of the center, and with the help of the grant.

“It was wonderful. I knew my daughter was close and safe,” Torres said. “I knew she was well taken care of. They do so much.”

WCSU Career Development Center Director Maureen Gernert, chair of the WCSU Child Care Board of Advisers, spoke of the helpfulness of the Cabaret to help support Western students who use the Child Care Center.

“The WCSU Child Care Center allows the parent to be a successful student and have a safe learning environment while in school,” Gernert said. “It is through the generosity of our students, faculty and staff that we coordinate the event each year to help pay for the expenses at the WCSU Child Care Center.”

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Always a popular campus event, the Child Care Cabaret entertains while raising funds for the WCSU Child Care Center.