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The Connecticut Science Center and Connecticut State University System (CSUS) launched the i4 Initiative with an opening ceremony at the Connecticut Science Center in Hartford. The i4 initiative, as the collaboration is called, brings science applications developed by faculty at Central, Eastern, Southern and Western Connecticut state universities to Science Center visitors. The i4 initiative showcases the science research and applications currently underway at the four CSUS universities through a variety of in-house and online programming at the Connecticut Science Center.

Throughout civilization, people have navigated the landscape using local knowledge and the help of specific tools. Theodora Pinou, associate professor of biological and environmental sciences at Western, has collaborated with Dr. Scott Graves, assistant professor in the science education and environmental studies department at Southern, on an activity that will highlight the application of modern navigation and telemetry. Pinou has done current research on sea turtles and their seasonal, annual and lifetime migration routes. This activity will highlight how these movements reveal things about the turtle’s behavior.

Visitors learned how sea turtles are tagged with satellite transmitters to monitor post nesting migration and how telemetry assists in understanding turtle behavior and ecology. These results contribute to modeling changes in global weather patterns in the ocean and the conservation of marine biodiversity.

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Associate Professor of Biological and Environmental Sciences Dr. Theodora Pinou prepares her display at the Connecticut Science Center.