Stand Up and Be Heard!

The Roger Sherman Debate Society and Western Connecticut State University hosted the fourth annual Hat City Debates on Feb. 26 and 27, 2011, at the WCSU Midtown campus. The debates included the Northeast Regional Tournament and district qualifier for the National Debate Tournament. Sessions were held in various academic buildings throughout the Midtown campus.

The debates showcased the Northeast’s top competitive debaters in policy and parliamentary style. The policy resolution of the debate was, “Resolved: The United States Federal Government should substantially increase the number of and/or substantially expand beneficiary eligibility for its visas for one or more of the following: employment-based immigrant visas, nonimmigrant temporary worker visas, family-based visas, human trafficking-based visas.” The parliamentary resolution was created 15 minutes before each round.

Western hosted more than 400 students from schools around the region, including Boston University, the University of Massachusetts and the United States Military Academy.


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WCSU hosted the fourth annual Hat City Debates, providing a forum for policy and parliamentary debate.

Debaters prepare their arguments.

Before the oration: research.