Stand Up and Be Seen!

A new look defined the perimeter of the Midtown campus with construction in fall 2010 of signs and other improvements at two corners on White Street.
The project, directed by Peter J. Visentin, WCSU director of Planning and Engineering, resulted in distinguished brick-and-construction-stone signs at Fifth and Eighth avenues, tying together the campus along the length of White Street.

The project also featured four-season foliage with star magnolia, spruce and elm trees, yew and ivy. Elms, which will grow to the same height as the pin oaks on White Street, will also be planted along Eighth Avenue.

“The new signs will reflect the look of the entrance gate on White Street and define the campus along Eighth Avenue with the elm trees,” Visentin said. “It will give the campus a more finished look.”

The project cost about $200,000, paid for by state bonding, as part of the Connecticut State University System's long-term capital infrastructure investment plan.

The landscape architectural firm of Wesley Stout Associates of New Canaan worked with Visentin on the design. The contractor was Holzner Electric Construction Co. of Bridgeport.

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New signs adorn the Midtown campus along White Street.