Stand Up and Be Seen!

WCSU welcomed renowned Dominican artist German Perez to display his “Caribbean Pop” exhibit from May 7 to 20, in the Ruth Haas Library on the Midtown campus.

Perez gave a brief talk about his work at the May 11 official exhibit opening and also held a book signing.

Perez predominately features issues of Caribbean life, politics and processes of migration to the U.S. in his paintings. His work has been exhibited worldwide and has been adopted as the cover art for several Julia Alvarez books.

WCSU Associate Professor of Sociology Dr. Carina Bandhauer spoke of the importance of Perez’s work.

“German Perez’s work embodies the spirit of the history and struggles of Caribbean peoples past and present, reflecting, above all, his social conscience and concern for the world,” Bandhauer said. “His colorful images depict struggles between innocence and evil, borders and migrants, and reclaim the indigenous identity of the Taino people in what remains a neo-colonial world.”

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Dominican artist German Perez discusses his work at a May exhibit opening.