WCSU celebrates Animal Week

Western hosted three events in April 2012 sponsored by the university’s Roots & Shoots organization to celebrate Animal Week. Members of the university community as well as the public were able to enjoy "Talons! Birds of Prey," during which a trainer discussed several large birds. The following day, reptiles were on display as part of a "Snakes-n-Scales" demonstration. Finally, Atka, an Arctic gray wolf from the Wolf Conservation Center in South Salem, N.Y., was accompanied by a Wolf Conservation Center staffer who spoke about wolf behavior, habitat and more.

The Roots & Shoots program at WCSU, started by primatologist Dr. Jane Goodall, focuses on making positive change for people, animals and the environment.

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Digging Deeper

WCSU students stop on the quad between classes to watch a demonstration of “Birds of Prey.”