Immune health in athletes subject of WCSU talk

Western hosted physiologist Dr. Neil Walsh for a lecture about “Practical Strategies to Maintain Immune Health in Athletes” on Feb. 9, 2012, in the Science Building. The talk was sponsored by the WCSU Department of Health Promotion and Exercise Sciences.

As director of the Extremes Research Group at Bangor University in the United Kingdom, Walsh conducts studies that seek “to advance knowledge and understanding of human performance and health in ‘extreme’ natural and artificial environments and conditions … focusing on human responses and adaptations to a range of stressors including: thermal, altitude, dehydration, energy restriction, sleep deprivation, psychological and prolonged exercise.”

Walsh has written numerous book chapters on immune response to exercise. Much of his work has been supported by the U.K. Ministry of Defense and has focused on the influence of stressors on the immune health and performance of Army recruits. Walsh currently is a contributing writer for Runners World magazine and is accredited by the British Association of Sports and Exercise.

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Dr. Neil Walsh