‘Operation Jungle Red’ raises awareness

A program that raises awareness of senseless violence on college campuses in the wake of the Virginia Tech University shooting made its debut at Western in October 2011.

“Operation Jungle Red” (OJR) was created three years ago at Miami University in Ohio by students in a men’s health course. The goal of OJR is to start conversations about acts of violence committed by men. Another goal is to raise awareness of how men are socialized and to focus on the impact of that socialization on society. It also serves to acknowledge the victims of violent acts.

OJR events took place at WCSU throughout the month of October – Domestic Violence Awareness Month. In order to participate, students and faculty took a pledge against violence. In doing so, they received a free T-shirt or wristband. They also painted their pinky fingernail “jungle red” and were encouraged to join an informal discussion on violence.

Topics, presented weekly, included: sexual assault, social media violence, domestic violence and campus violence. The discussions were held in the Midtown Student Center courtyard on the university’s Midtown campus.

After each discussion, leaders of the OJR committee walked around campus looking for participants wearing either the OJR T-shirt or wristband. Students who had taken the pledge will be asked to share what they learned during the discussion and received a prize.

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Digging Deeper

Participants in Operation Jungle Red display their painted fingernails to call attention to acts of violence.