State Supreme Court justices hear cases at Western

The Connecticut Supreme Court justices heard arguments in two cases on the Western campus on Oct. 19, 2011.

The seven justices from the state’s highest court held full court over oral arguments in a civil case and a criminal case held in the Westside Campus Center Ballroom. At the end of each case, attorneys for both sides remained to answer questions from the audience.

WCSU Professor of Legal Studies Charles Mullaney said the event was an educational opportunity for everyone to closely observe a prestigious judicial body and to enhance their understanding of the role and responsibilities of the often-mysterious appellate court system.

In preparation for the visit by the Connecticut Supreme Court to WCSU, Associate Professor of Accounting Thomas Monks and Assistant Professor of Justice and Law Administration Terrence Dwyer conducted a pre-argument educational session of the cases that were argued. Monks explained the civil case, Stewart v. Town of Watertown, in which the town clerk of Watertown refused to report to work claiming the town hall building was environmentally unsafe and the town cut off her salary. Dwyer explained the criminal case, State v. Altajir, in which ostensibly incriminating Facebook photos were used to send a probationer to prison for three years. A question-and-answer session followed the explanations.

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Connecticut Supreme Court justices listen to an argument in the Westside Campus Center Ballroom.