WCSU hosts 10-Minute Play and Webisode Festival

The WCSU Department of Writing, Linguistics and Creative Process hosted a 10-Minute Play and Webisode Festival featuring readings and viewings of works written by students on April 14, 2012, in the Student Center Theater.

The opportunity to experience a stage reading or viewing of their work by professionals, as well as the ability to network with Broadway and media experts, proved enticing enough to yield 78 play and webisode entries from students in the Connecticut State University system. A jury of entertainment and media professionals narrowed the field to 14 plays and 11 webisodes that were read or viewed during the festival.

The plays included: “Ten to Places” by Andrew Hendrick, of Fairfield; “Retake” by Conor Daniel Bartram, of Hamden; “The Pipes are Calling” by Levon Ofgang, of New Fairfield; “Cell Thoughts” by Jazmin Sharif, of Waterbury; “The Collagers” by Jim Goggin, of Naugatuck; “Wanted for Dinner” by Elizabeth Young, of Newtown; “Babysitting Days” by Shawna O’Sullivan, of Newtown; “Clean Sweep” by Thomasina Murray, of Danbury; “Dirt Cheap” by Kristin Askin, of Danbury; “That Thing Called Trust” by Sean Zackrison, of Mount Kisco, N.Y.; “The Traveler’s Daughter” by Lynn Wright, of Monroe; “Curveball” by Tyler Miressi, of Monroe; “The Sixth Shot” by Eric Steiner, of New Milford; and “That’s the Sprirt” by Eileen D. Gonzalez, of Katonah, N.Y.

The webisodes were: “Intro – Sally & Horace” by Kay Abella, of Washington Depot; “Not Arranged Marriage” by Nabila Hasan, of Bethel; “Happy Birthday” by Brittany Nisco, of New Milford; “Justice with a Chaser” by Elizabeth Young, of Newtown; “Ambien Man” by Michael Kazlauskas, of Ridgefield; “Be Down Inc.” by Taja Malcolm-Lewin, of Bridgeport; “Super Hero” and “War Stories” by Greg Miller, of Southbury; “Serious Inquiries Only” by Steve Marucci, of Danbury; “Dalai Lama” by Christian Gagnier, of New Milford; and “Historical Danbury” by Joshua Adams, of New Milford.

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Students perform 10-minute plays and webisodes written by fellow classmates.