WCSU production has the ‘411’ on the battle of the sexes

Mention February and most people think of Valentine’s Day. You know, that day when lovers profess their feelings for one another and shower each other with gifts and affection? Before you jump to the conclusion that the WCSU Department of Theatre Arts staged a love story for its spring production, consider that it opened on Leap Day: February 29.

It only makes sense that it was actually a comedy about withholding love and … err … affection as told by Aristophanes in 411 B.C.

WCSU staged an adaptation of “Lysistrata” by Aristophanes for two weekends in February and March, 2012.

Co-chair of the Department of Theatre Arts Sal Trapani, known for his striking adaptations of many Shakespearean plays, took his creative sword to Aristophanes’ traditional Greek theatre to yield a timeless adaptation that was simultaneously classic and contemporary. Trapani’s original songs featured everything from disco to rock, musical theatre to gospel, and had audience members dancing in the aisles — literally — with members of the cast.


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WCSU theatre arts students perform an adaptation of “Lysistrata.”