Western students unveil centrist website to guide political debate

Honors students at Western developed a website that features centrist position papers developed from statements by both Democratic and Republican political leaders as a way of finding common ground as the U.S. approaches national elections in November. The project is called “Views from the Center.”

The honors students, along with their professor Dr. Christopher Kukk, and Peter D’Amico, a Newtown businessman who mentors students, held a press conference to unveil the project on June 8, 2012, in Warner Hall.

“‘Views from the Center’ is important in today's polarized political environment because it is a place where the ideas of both sides of the political spectrum are respected, critiqued and analyzed so as to provide common sense policy actions to our local, state and national representatives” said Kukk, who teaches political science at WCSU. “Not enough of that is being done on the different levels of our government — polarization has led to policy stagnation. ‘Views from the Center,’ to me, is a place where the best ideas of both the left and right are fused together through common sense to move American policy forward on topics ranging from taxes to energy security. One of the best parts of the organization is that it consists of local business people, academics and students all working together for the sole purpose of creating policy ideas that will strengthen America.”

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Students from the WCSU Honors program unveil website