Eckstein honored for innovative teaching strategies in communication courses

Dr. Jessica J. Eckstein received the 2012 Board of Regents/Connecticut State University Teaching Award at WCSU for her skillful and innovative strategies to design communication course instruction in a way that addresses each student’s interests and challenges them to evaluate information critically.

Eckstein, an assistant professor of communication at WCSU since 2008, seeks “to make every course she teaches relevant and individually applicable in the lives of her students, and to challenge each student to produce high-quality work,” the BOR/CSU award citation said. “She continually develops innovative techniques to assess student learning that include original classroom debate topics and the innovative use of technology to supplement traditional readings, discussions and activities.”

Eckstein has taught communication courses at all levels of the undergraduate curriculum covering diverse subjects including interpersonal relations, group management and decision-making, ethical responsibilities, persuasion and interviewing strategies, and public speaking. A specialist in research on conscious and unconscious communication of gender, identity and other aspects of relationships, her topical courses at WCSU have addressed “Women, Language and Communication,” “Communication of Men and Masculinities,” and “Communication in Abusive Relationships.”

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Assistant Professor of Communication Dr. Jessica Eckstein is known at WCSU for her innovative approach to making classroom instruction relevant to each student and integrating social media and other technological resources in the learning experience.