Jordan frequently in demand for crime stories

Frequently called upon as a crime expert, Professor of Justice and Law Casey Jordan participated in more than 50 media stories on television and in print on various court cases or current events that involved issues of criminal behavior and the criminal justice system or legal analysis of ongoing criminal cases.

Jordan was interviewed live in more than 40 separate guest appearances on the CBS "Early Show" and NBC's "Today Show" on topics including the Casey Anthony trial; several missing/murdered children stories; the Chardron, Ohio, school shooting; the Natalie Wood investigation; Aruba missing woman story; the Penn State/Sandusky scandal; Long Island Serial Killer investigation; Leiby Kletsky murder; Amanda Knox exhoneration; Rusty Schneiderman murder; and more.

Jordan served as the TruTV “In Session" criminologist and legal analyst, providing live trial coverage and ongoing analysis of the cases of Florida vs. Casey Anthony, Texas vs. Warren Jeffs and Massachusettes vs. Fleurry, with more than 150 appearances during summer 2011).

Jordan appeared more than 50 times as guest on CNN "Headline News," "Jeanine Pirro Show" (Fox), "Good Morning America," MSNBC, CNN "American Morning," "Anderson Cooper 360," "Joy Behar Show," "Issues with Jane Velez Mitchell" and talk shows “The Revolution” and “Anderson.”

She was featured or quoted in more than 20 newspaper and periodical articles on various crime stories, including multiple quotes in the Orlando Sentinel on the Casey Anthony case and a feature in the German magazine Stern.

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Digging Deeper

When national media programs seek informed commentary on criminal issues in the news, they often turn to Professor of Justice and Law Administration Dr. Casey Jordan, a veteran attorney, criminologist, educator and legal consultant.