WCSU police director named president of national organization for campus security officers

Chief Neil McLaughlin of the Western Connecticut State University police department was installed as president of the Northeast College and University Security Association (NECUSA) at its 58th Annual Conference in Annapolis, Md.

McLaughlin has been director of the WCSU police department since December 2001 and became an active member of NECUSA the same year. NECUSA, organized in 1953, is the oldest professional campus law enforcement and public safety organization in the country. McLaughlin has served in various capacities on the organization’s board since 2006, including director at large, secretary and vice president.

During his installation with the new board of directors, McLaughlin reflected on his early years in campus law enforcement.

“What has always stood out to me is the willingness of NECUSA folks to be concerned, to get involved, and to work through the myriad difficulties facing the people that higher education depends on to keep their children safe and secure on our college and university campuses,” McLaughlin said. “We must recognize that safety and security are everyone’s responsibility on campus, but we play the unique role of providing leadership and guidance to our communities to insure that the quality of campus life is preserved and enhanced.”

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WCSU Police Chief Neil McLaughlin, president of the Northeast Colleges and Universities Security Association, addresses a NECUSA professional development conference held in November 2012 in Newport, R.I.