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University Senate

Spring 2011 Election Winners

The Nominations and Elections Committee congratulates the winners of this year's election:

Senate Nominations and Elections Committee:

(L/C/C) Jennifer O’Brien (Librarians) 2011-2013

Academic Leave Committee:
(L/C/C) Heather Stone (Athletics) 2011-2013
(A&S) Steven Ward (Social Sciences) 2011-2013
(PS) Nancy Heilbronner (Education and Education Psychology) 2011-2013

Assessment Committee:
(PS) Ellen Abate (Nursing) 2011-2013
(A&S) Katie Lever-Mazzuto (Communication) 2011-2013

Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching Advisory Committee:
(PS) Robin Goodrich (Nursing) 2011-2013
(A&S) Nicholas Greco (Chemistry) 2011-2013

Center for the Study for Culture and Values:
(PS) Eileen Campbell (Nursing) 2011-2013

Committee on Distance Education:
(L/C/C) Xiaomei Gong (Library) at large 2011-2014
(PS) Jeanette Lupinacci (Nursing) at large 2011-2014

Committee on General Education:
(A&S) Robin Flanagan (Psychology) 2011-2014
(A&S) Charles Rocca (Mathematics) 2011-2014

Committee on Undergraduate Curriculum and Academic Standards:
(PS) Robin Goodrich (Nursing) 2011-2014

Educational Achievement and Access Program Committee:
(PS) Eileen Campbell (Nursing) 2011-2014
(A&S) Truman Keys (Communication) 2011-2014

Media and Library Services Policy Committee:
(PS) Nancy Heilbronner (Education) 2011-2014

Mediation Committee:
(A&S) Patricia O’Neill (Psychology) 2011-2013
(A&S) Robin Goodrich (Nursing) 2011-2013

Physical Working Conditions Committee:
(PS) Carol Avery (Nursing) 2011-2013

Promotion and Tenure Committee:
(A&S) Ed Hagan (Writing) 2011-2013
(A&S) C. Thomas Philbrick (Biology) 2011-2013
(A&S) T. Patrice Boily (Biology) 2011-2013
(A&S) Michael Nolan (History) 2011-2013
(Ancell) Emilio Collar Jr. (Management Information Systems) 2011-2013
(V &PA) Fernando Jimenez (Music & Music Education) 2011-2012 (Replacement)

Research and Development Committee:
(Ancell) George Kain (JLA) 2011-2014

Student Life Committee:
(A&S) Shane Murphy (Psychology) 2011-2013

Termination Hearing Committee:
(A&S) Nicholas Gallucci (Psychology) 2011-2013
(PS) Mary Ann Reilly (Nursing) 2011-2013

University Foundation:
(A&S) Josie Hamer (Mathematics) 2011-2013

University Planning and Budget Committee:
(Ancell) Jim Donegan (Accounting) 2011-2014
(A&S) Dan Barrett (Psychology) at large 2011-2014
(A&S) Patricia O’Neill (Psychology) at large 2011-2013

Western Connecticut University International Center Committee:
(A&S) Alex Standish (Social Sciences) 2011-2013

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