Division of Student Affairs

Student Affairs : Student Leadership Recognition Banquet

SGA President’s Award

Awarded to a student or other member of the university community who has contributed to helping student organizations on campus.

Awarded by the SGA President

Year Recipient
2006-07 Dennis Leszko
2007-08 James McNiff
2008-09 University Computing
2009-10 Nicole Kullberg
2010-11 Dr. Ingrid Pruss
2011-12 The Office of Fiscal Services
2012-13 Melissa Sanders
2013-14 (tie) Luigi Marcone
2013-14 (tie) Susan Donnelly
2014-15 Peggy Stewart
2015-16 Mark Gegeny
2016-17 Bianca Paolello
2017-18 John Murphy
2018-19 (tie) Dr. Christopher Kukk
2018-19 (tie) Dr. Keith Betts