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School of Visual & Performing Arts – Outstanding Faculty Member

This award is given to a faculty member from the School of Visual & Performing Arts for outstanding contribution to Western students.

Awarded by the Student Government Association

Year Recipient
2005-06 Frank Herbert
2006-07 Frank Herbert
2007-08 David Smith
2008-09 Elizabeth Popiel
2009-10 David Skora
2010-11 Terry Wells
2011-12 Eric Lewis
2012-13 James Greene
2013-14 Dirck Westervelt
2014-15 Dr. Cory Ganschow
2015-16 (tie) Dr. Cory Ganschow
2015-16 (tie) Jurg Lanzrein
2016-17 Sabrina Marques
2017-18 Frank “Chip” Gawle
2018-19 Chris Donovan