WCSU Student Handbook 2017-18

Graduate Studies

Dr. Ann AtkinsonDr. Ann Atkinson, Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs
Mary Jane Keane, Administrative Assistant
UH 322
(203) 837-8275


Ed. D. in Instructional Leadership
Dr. Marcia Delcourt, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9121
Ed. D. in Nursing Education
Dr. Susan Burger, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8866
Master of Business Administration
Dr. Linda Forbes, Program Coordinator (203) 837-3256
Master of Health Administration
Dr. Yaseen Hayajneh, Program Coordinator (203) 837-TBD
Master of Science in Justice Administration
Dr. George Kain, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8514
Master of Arts in Earth and Planetary Sciences
Dr. Dennis Dawson, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8671
Master of Arts in English
Dr. Donald Gagnon, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9062
Master of Arts in History
Dr. Wynn Gadkar-Wilcox, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8565
Master of Arts in Mathematics
Dr. Lydia Novozhilova, Program Coordinator (203) 837-9348
Master of Arts in Teaching
Dr. Kristy Zaleta, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8050
Master of Fine Arts in Creative & Professional Writing
Dr. Anthony D’Aries, Program Coordinator (203) 837-TBD
Master of Fine Arts in Visual Arts
Prof. Darby Cardonsky, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8881
Master of Science in Counselor Education
Dr. Gabriel Lomas, Program Coordinator, Clinical Mental Health Counseling (203) 837-8512
Dr. Nicole Deronck, Program Coordinator, School Counseling (203) 837-8513
Master of Science in Education
Dr. Stephanie Kuhn, Program Coordinator (203) 837-3206
Options: Curriculum Leadership, Instructional Technology,
Reading (non-certification), Special Education
Master of Science in Music Education
Dr. Kevin Jay Isaacs, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8355
Master of Science in Nursing
Dr. Linda Warren, Program Coordinator (203) 837-3907
Master of Science in Applied Behavior Analysis
Dr. Janet Burke, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8508
Applied Behavior Analysis Graduate Study Certificate
Master of Arts in Biological and Environmental Sciences
Dr. Theodora Pinou, Program Coordinator (203) 837-8793