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  Day of Examination Important Information  

Weather Alert. In case of increment weather or hazardous driving conditions, please refer to www.wcsu.edu/alert or call 203-837-9377.  If WCSU is closed, the test date will be rescheduled to a later date in which you will be advised via email on the next business day.   

Exams are administered at:

Western Connecticut State University (Westside Campus)

Campus Center Computer Center 3rd Floor

43 Lake Avenue Ext

Danbury, CT 06810


Parking. You may park on the main road across from the Campus Center or in designated Visitors Parking in front of the Westside Classroom Building. See MAP.


Arrive on time. Plan to arrive in advance of your exam appointment time. You will not be admitted after the testing session has begun.

Bring your identification. You must bring two forms of identification. The primary form must be a government-issued photo ID with signature, such as a passport, state-issued driver’s license, state-issued ID card, naturalization card or certificate of citizenship.

The secondary form of ID must have a photo or signature, such as a Social Security card, student ID, credit card or employee ID. [CLEP DANTES-funded military candidates must present a current military ID.]


Payment. Bring examination fee as stated on your confirmation letter. 

CLEP: Payable with credit or debit card

        NEW!!! CLEP now requires for candidates to create an account on-line and pay the examination fee via their portal prior to the confirmed test date.

Ψ To create an account with CLEP visit: https://clep.collegeboard.org/started (refer to Step 3).


Ψ Once you make your payment, you must print your CLEP payment voucher to present at check-in; without this voucher you will NOT be allowed to take the exam.  

        Miller Analogies Test: No payment due. Candidates submit payment with registration.   

        Distance Learning:  Payable in cash only

         Proctor fees are due on the day of the exam.


Test Center.  Pencil and scratch paper will be provided by the test center. Exam rest breaks are not scheduled.  Please be considerate and do not talk while waiting to be registered.


Prohibited Items

• Calculators (a calculator function is built into the software for some exams)

• Cellular phones/pagers, beepers, walkie-talkies, PDAs or wireless communication devices (e.g., iPhone, BlackBerry)

• Digital watches (wrist or pocket), alarm watches or wristwatch cameras

• Any kind of photographic or copying device

• Listening devices such as radios, media players with headphones or recorders

• Dictionaries, books, pamphlets or reference materials

• Papers of any kind (scratch paper will be provided)

• Mechanical pencils or any type of pen or highlighter

• Slide rules, protractors, compasses or rulers

• Food, beverages or tobacco products

• Hats or hoodies (unless worn as a religious requirement)

• Any other unauthorized testing aids


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