Vincent McElhone (1984)

Vincent is a stand-up comedian with a stage persona that reflects his self-deprecating demeanor as well as a very conservative view on marriage, kids, politics, sports, travel, current events, family upbringing, and all other influences that have forced him to express his hilarious and genuine observations.


He stays busy with such things as raising his two boys, coaching Little League, teaching C.C.D., and selling 1/2" Polycarbonate sheet at his day job. He travels to clubs all over the country performing his routine and looks forward to hearing from his friends at WestConn.  Additional information on Vincent can be found at his website or he can be reached at


He is performing his comedy routine at Mohegan Sun 2x a year...and at clubs and fundraisers and corporate comedy presentations all over the country. He adds,  "I have now been doing stand-up professionally for 18 years now."


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