Kenneth Fay (1991)

Ken has worked for a number of companies and clients doing all sorts of media production projects - from Production Assistant and Cameraman - to Set Design - Scriptwriting - Directing - and Audio and Lighting Technician.  He is currently working for CN8 - the Comcast Network as a Producer

He creates short and long form media presentations that run on-air (locally - regionally - and nationally) and that run in-house for corporations. 

He has received a few awards and recognition for his work, from 30 second commercial spots to documentaries and magazine format programming. Such projects include:

 - a behind the scenes tour of the Beardsley Zoo
 - a focus piece on the US Coast Guard Academy
 - a focus piece on the New England Air Museum
 - a focus piece on the Corsairs Over Connecticut Veteran Salute
 - a magazine piece on the Collings Foundation B17 and B24 Bomber Projects

and numerous segments produced for various news and entertainment programming.

Ken owns VideoImager,LLC and adds, "I play the bagpipes to keep my sanity :) I am always open to meeting and networking with those of similar interests and opportunities."

Ken can be reached at


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