Weather Conference

Seventh Tri-State Weather Conference Presentations

Brian LaMarre, Meteorologist in Charge, Tampa Bay (WFO)
“Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Leading Public Resiliency and Reviewing Impacts from the 2017 Hurricane Season”  [pptx] [mp4] [mp4]

Violeta Yas, Telemundo 62, Philadelphia
“Severe Weather and the Role of Television Media to Keep the Public Safe, Especially in Spanish-Speaking Communities”  [pptx]

Jim Schiavone, Independent Scientist, Collaborating with Rutgers University
“The role of roll vortices on damaging winds during Sandy’s landfall.”
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Jason Cordeira, Associate Professor of Meteorology, Plymouth State University
“A Scale to Characterize the Strength and Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers”  [pptx]

Michael Erickson, NWS, Weather Prediction Center
“Novel Ways To Access and Visualize Model Biases at the Weather Prediction Center”  [pptx]

Sanja Perica, Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center, Chief
“Effects to the Precipitation Frequency Estimates to Atlas 14 From Recent Major Tropical Events”  [pptx]

Eleanor Vallier-Talbot, NWS Boston/Norton
“The GOES-R Satellite Series in Action: A New View of Our Skies”  [pptx]

Hayden Frank, NWS Boston/Norton
“Two Unusual Tornadoes in Southern New England”  [pptx] [pptx] [pptx]

Bill Goodman and Carlie Buccola, NWS Upton
“May 15th’s Destructive Connecticut Tornadoes/Macro and Microburst”  [pptx] [mp4] [mp4]