Weather Conference

Seventh Tri-State Weather Conference Speakers

Speakers for the Seventh Tri-State Weather Conference

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Western Connecticut State University, Danbury, CT

Brian LaMarre, Meteorologist in Charge, Tampa Bay (WFO), “Building a Weather-Ready Nation: Leading Public Resiliency and Reviewing Impacts from the 2017 Hurricane Season”

Sanja Perica, Hydrometeorological Design Studies Center, Chief, “Affects to the Precipitation Frequency Estimates to Atlas 14 From Recent Major Tropical Events”

Jason Cordeira, Associate Professor of Meteorology, Plymouth State University, “A Scale to Characterize the Strength and Impacts of Atmospheric Rivers”

Michael Erickson, NWS, Weather Prediction Center “Novel Ways To Access and Visualize Model Biases at the Weather Prediction Center.”

Jim Schiavone, Independent Scientist, Collaborating with Rutgers University, “The role of roll vortices on damaging winds during Sandy’s landfall.”

Bill Goodman and Carlie Buccola, NWS Upton, “May 15th’s Destructive Connecticut Tornadoes/Macro and Microburst.”

Eleanor Vallier-Talbot, NWS /Boston/Norton, “A New View of Our Skies: The GOES-R Satellite Series in Action.”

Hayden Frank, NWS /Boston/Norton, “Two Unusual Tornadoes in Southern New England.”

Violeta Yas, Telemundo 62, Philadelphia,  “Severe Weather and the Role of Television Media to Keep the Public Safe, Especially in Spanish-Speaking Communities.”

Gary Lessor, Conference Chair, Western Connecticut State University