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Future science teacher gets hands-on experience in state-of-the-art biology lab

Have you ever come across a bowl of leftovers in the back of your refrigerator and been afraid to unwrap it to see what might be growing in there? WestConn student Jessica Thibeault, from Bristol, Conn., goes out of her way to encourage food to “grow.”  In fact, she spent the better part of her summer in a WCSU biology lab counting bacterial growth on tomatoes, spinach and peas — and she enjoyed it!

What middle-school students can do in the classroom is very limited. But the questions they ask me can go beyond that and I can answer them in the WestConn lab.

Why the fascination with bacteria? Thibeault said she owes it all to an inspiring science teacher she had in high school. “I had an awesome biology teacher who made everything interesting and fun. I loved it and want to share that love with my students,” the aspiring teacher said. “I want them to enjoy coming to school because science is fun.”

The WestConn senior, who is majoring in secondary education — biology, knows all about enjoying coming to school. “I came here because WCSU is close to home and not as expensive as the other options in the state,” she said. It also has a good reputation for its education program. Once I saw the Science Building and how new and up-to-date it is, I knew I wanted to come here.”

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We have six great reasons to consider WestConn.

Reason No. 1:

Outstanding Faculty

Burt Peretti

Peretti makes history contemporary, relevant
WestConn’s educators excel in their subject areas and disciplines, and are committed to excellence in teaching, ensuring student success and fostering a diverse academic community. Small class sizes taught by award-winning professors — including some Fulbright scholars — provide the best learning opportunities available.

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Reason No. 2:


Kelley Bradley

Global climate studies start close to home for Connecticut native
Capitalizing on our location in Danbury, Connecticut, a New England city characterized by its economic vibrancy and its diverse citizenry, as well as our proximity to the educational and cultural riches of New York City, WestConn has truly become a global university. Our students can be found exhibiting their art in Manhattan, performing theater on Broadway and in Scotland, visiting the United Nations and traveling to China, Spain, Puerto Rico and Vietnam for immersion programs.

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Reason No. 3:

Diverse University Community

Najah Mahfoud

Nursing major says WestConn helped her accomplish every goal
At WestConn, we value and affirm the unique contributions of our many constituent populations, recognizing the learning opportunities that differences can create. Workshops, roundtables and student organizations serve to explore and understand how best to combine the many unique talents within our student and faculty populations to foster discussion and understanding.

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Reason No. 4:

Quality Academic Programs

Jessica Thibeault

Future science teacher gets hands-on experience in state-of-the-art biology lab
WestConn offers a range of quality academic offerings, including signature programs like our teacher education, music performance, nursing and science degrees, to our one-of-a-kind meteorology, professional writing and justice and law administration programs. There truly is something for everyone at WestConn.

Reason No. 5:

Student-Centered Environment

Ashley Hyde

Becoming part of the global community is one of many interests that can be explored at WestConn.
Our philosophy is simple: Foster a holistic approach to intellectual and social growth and development that prepares students to be productive citizens of the state of Connecticut and the world by developing their knowledge, experience, and critical thinking and by fostering life-long learning characterized by intellectual curiosity, imagination and creativity. In other words, if you can imagine it, you can achieve it at WestConn.

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Reason No. 6:


James Heffner

Student uses scholarships to follow his dream
WestConn is proud to offer the affordability and access of a mid-sized public university while creating the quality experience of the best private institutions. Through private and corporate scholarships and endowments, the university continues to provide resources to students with academic achievement and financial need.

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