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Bystander Intervention

Have you ever witnessed something that just didn’t seem right? Did you say something? Did you ignore it? We are all going to encounter situations where someone might need help, and it’s up to us to determine how we play a role in those situations. Our Bystander Intervention program is an interactive workshop designed to enlighten and empower individuals and communities to act when witnessing problematic behavior. The workshop utilizes techniques to equip participants with the tools necessary to take a stand in a safe, healthy and appropriate way.
The program encourages campus community members to: 
• Define Bystander Intervention
• Understand the importance of being a pro-social bystander
• Identify social and cultural gender norms/roles
• Role-play scenarios


To schedule this free Bystander Intervention workshop contact

Ann Rodwell-Lawton, ann.rl@wcogd.org, 203-731-5200 ext 233


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