Women's Center


**ALL services are FREE & CONFIDENTIAL**

The Women’s Center staff are a private resource on and off campus and are not mandated to report
disclosures to any other office on campus, including the Title IX office.

  • Confidential Individual Counseling
     – Our counselors are certified in the state of Connecticut to work with domestic/dating violence and sexual assault             survivors; both primary and secondary.
  • Special Topic Group Counseling
    – Girl Talk is a 6-8 week group offered each semester for female identifying college students. Topics cater to the needs of     the group members.
  • Information and Referrals
    – Both on campus and community referrals are made.
  • Education and Training on topics surrounding IPV 
    – Women’s Center Community Educators are available to come into classes, clubs, athletics and Greek Life meetings to      train students on a variety of topics.
  • 24-Hour Hotlines:
    • Sexual Assault – (203) 731-5204
    • Domestic Violence – (203) 731-5206
  • Crisis Intervention and Advocacy
    ~ Women’s Center Advocates work to support survivors through a variety of situations in all different environments such       as the hospital, police stations, school, and in court and campus judicial systems.
    ~ Advocates will meet survivors at the hospital to support them through the steps of an evidence collection kit.
    ~ Advocates will help survivors as they go through the court systems and the judicial affairs process on campus.
    ~ Survivors can be met by an advocate at a police station for support while making a report.

See our campus brochure below:

WCSU Campus Brochure

Women's Center: Serving families and the community since 1975