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Where Do You Stand?

The Women’s Center has been working with the WHERE DO YOU STAND? campaign to bring trainings to campus and get men involved in the conversation.

To mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women.

WHERE DO YOU STAND? is an interactive workshop designed to help males become active in the prevention of violence on all levels. Standing by or remaining silent is not the answer. This workshop will encourage men to play a positive role in preventing sexual abuse and interpersonal violence and speak to their role of Bystander intervention. Bystander Intervention is the act of challenging the social norms that support, condone or permit sexual assault, stalking and intimate partner violence.

The WHERE DO YOU STAND? Campaign and trainings were created by the nationally renowned organization Men Can Stop Rape and aim to raise awareness and empower male bystanders to intervene in common everyday situations as well as in potentially dangerous or violent situations. “The focus is to help males use their strength in positive ways in all their relationships and to create cultures free from violence.”

Why focus on men?

We believe that men play a crucial role in preventing sexual violence. Men perpetrate the bulk of sexual violence in our society. In many cases, it is a small population of men committing multiple sexual assaults; however, while only a small percentage of men commit rape, many more men are likely to participate in cultures that support, glorify, and justify violence against women and girls. In order to end sexual violence, all men need to be actively engaged in addressing cultural norms that support sexual violence. If every man worked to hold other men accountable, our society could be free from sexual violence.

So often, things are being said or done and we do not know what to say or how to react. But we see, hear and disapprove. When we remain silent, we unintentionally condone these behaviors. During the workshop participants will discuss real-life situations and build a toolbox of techniques and strategies to address such situations. Participants will be empowered to use their voice, influence, and actions to become part of the solution.

To schedule this free “WHERE DO YOU STAND? workshop contact

Ann Rodwell-Lawton, ann.rl@wcogd.org, 203-731-5200 ext 233


For more information on WHERE DO YOU STAND? please visit their website: www.mencanstoprape.org/Strength-Media-Portfolio/preview-of-new-bystander-intervention-campaign.html

We're the kind of guys who take a stand in our community to prevent sexual violence. Where do you stand? Men can stop rape, www.mencanstoprape.org, CONN SACS, www.connsacs.org, Women's Center



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