Genre Workshops

WRT 219W: Writer's Toolbox

WRT 242W: Poetry Workshop I

WRT 243W: Fiction Workshop I

THR/WRT 244W: Playwriting Workshop I

WRT 245W: Technical Writing: Topic

WRT 255W: Advertising, Copy Writing, and Promotion

WRT 270W: News Writing

WRT 271W: Human Interest Writing

WRT 272: Campus Writers' Workshop

JLA/WRT 321W: Legal Writing, Research, and Analysis

WRT 335W: Fact-Based Opinion Writing

WRT 338W: Writing about Specialized Subjects

WRT 339W: Creative Essay

WRT 340W: Public Relations Writing, Concepts, and Practices

WRT 342W: Poetry Workshop II

WRT 343W: Fiction Workshop II: Topic

THR/WRT 346W: Playwriting Workshop II

WRT 462W: The Book: From Writing to Publishing

WRT 490W: Internship/Practicum in Writing