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Located about an hour north of New York City, with high-tech facilities and a diverse student body, Western Connecticut State University provides our students with a practical, career-focused education.

Jeanette Jerry-Collin ‘24
“Barack and Michelle Obama have inspired me because they are gifted, wonderful black leaders and I am happy to say that Michelle Obama was our first African American First Lady… when Barack Obama became president it was just like a whole like a dream come true.”
Lenee Brown ‘26
“Jeffer Mae Brown… my great great grandmother and she was a person that truly inspired me throughout my entire life. She was a God-fearing woman, she loved everyone around her and she knew how to discipline everyone as much as you possibly can to make sure that they grew up right.”
Hillary Adjei, ‘24
"I remember thinking back to when my father told me... what's important is to study, is education, is the skills that you can acquire... thinking back to the challenges that he had to face simply for me to come to school. I'm extremely grateful for the struggles that my parents went through simply for us to have the day-by-day that we have today."
Isabella Montero, ‘27
“Despite all the bullying [Ruby Bridges] received, she still fought to be the best at school.”
Danielle Simms ’25
“Especially during the civil rights movement, [Maya Angelou] was a voice for Black people and showed that we are more than one specific thing — we’re multifaceted and we’re all different.”
Skye Glasgow ‘26
“A lot of times when Black history is being taught, it makes it seem like it was hundreds of years ago, but Ruby Bridges is alive to this day… she’s alive, she’s here and she was very brave for what she did at very young age.”
Kirsten Rodriguez ‘26
“[Giannis Antetokoonmeo] is such a blessing to this world… he really opened my eyes about the sport — it’s not just a sport to me, it’s my family.”
Ycelsa Soriano Paulino, ‘26
[Romance author Kennedy Ryan] portrays Black romance as a normal thing, not that we need to be suffering because we’re Black, just a normal thing… I love her.”
Kiara Conyers ‘25
“I chose [Kobe Bryant] because of all the things he’s done for the basketball world.”

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WCSU honors LGBTQ+ rights and we celebrate our diversity with love.

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