Advisement Center

Responsibilities of Advisee


    • Arrange an appointment with your advisor within the first three weeks of school so you can meet before you encounter difficulties.
    • Obtain a copy of program sheet for your chosen major and keep updating as requirements are fulfilled.
    • Be aware of the prerequisites for each course that you include in your semester schedule and discuss with your advisor how prerequisites will affect the sequencing of your courses.
    • Become knowledgeable and adhere to academic rules and regulations of the university.
    • Be familiar with academic calendar for information on Add/Drop, withdrawal deadlines, registration dates and final exam schedules.
    • Clarify personal values, abilities, interests and goals.
    • Inform advisor of unsatisfactory academic performance and its implications and develop a plan of action.
    • Advisors can suggest or make recommendations, but the advisee has the primary responsibility of meeting program and degree requirements.
    • Keep advisor informed in a timely fashion of personal issues that have arisen that may impact academic progress.
    • Arrange an appointment with your advisor prior to your assigned registration date.  Make sure you show up on time for your scheduled advisors appointment.
    • Make a list of possible courses you wish to enroll in and jot down questions about the courses.
    • Attend all classes on a regular basis.
    • Commit yourself to developing and using effective study habits.
    • Become acquainted with resources available to you.