Academic Advisement Center

Degree Works

It is our goal to help Exploratory Studies/ Undecided students select their major within the first 60 credits. If you have 60 credits or more, are still unsure about your major, or you wish to change your current major to something else, this could negatively impact your status towards “on-time graduation.” If you are in any of these situations, it is extremely important to meet with an academic advisor as soon as possible.

DegreeWorks is available to all students through BannerWeb:

Degree Audits & Tracking

  • Track your progress towards degree completion with the progress bar
  • Information about degree requirements and if they have been met

Advisement & Planning Tools

  • View required courses and when they are offered
  • Use “On” and “Off” track indicators to see if you are on track or need assistance from your advisor

What-If Analysis

  • Use the “What-If” option to see how your completed courses fulfill your new major’s requirements
  • View a semester by semester adjustable 4 year plan

Advising Notes

  • Your advisor may put advisement notes in your DegreeWorks so you can refer back to it when planning your schedule for registration
  • Course substitutions and waivers are shown within the degree audit once they have been processed through the department and received by the Registrar’s Office

If you have ideas of what majors you are interested in, we can assist you with understanding how your earned and transferred credits fulfill a new major’s requirements. Just ask for a Major Discoveries appointment and we will help you out!