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College is a time of discover, where you’re learning who you are and what you like – it’s also the perfect time to discover your MBTI® personality type and explore your interests in preferences with the Strong Interest Inventory®. You’ll be able to shape your course load, extra-curricular activities, study habits, communication techniques, and college major choices around your personality, your likes, and your dislikes.

Stop by the Academic Advisement Office to receive access information and take the assessments online!

After taking the assessments tools you will have a one-on-one appointment with an advisor to review your personal results.

About the Assessment Tools

Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

Using the MBTI assessment’s four letter components, discover the collegiate major and subsequent occupational path that will provide you with optimal success, both in the workplace and in your personal life. The MBTI is a great tool for any student who is unsure of what director he or she should take as they head into one of the biggest milestones of their life. This profile provides understanding and insight into your personality, allowing you to discover what you are best at and what sort of occupation you may succeed in further down the road.

Strong Interest Inventory (SSI)

Pave your collegiate path toward the right majors and occupations based on your likes and dislikes. Exploring your options and beginning your college experience should be an exciting and
gratifying experience. With the help of the Strong Interest Inventory, you can gain insight into which majors line up with your interests and preferences, allowing you to seek the most satisfying and fulfilling course load.

The SSI report analyzes your likes and dislikes by offering you a detailed look at how following your interest and preferences can help you lead a more fulfilling, satisfied life. The report presents
you with the closest matched occupations for people with your interests, an in-depth breakdown of certain areas matched to your SSI results, and insight into your likes and dislikes.