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Advisement Center

Majors Expo

Majors Expo is a three-step, comprehensive program offered to Exploratory Studies/Undecided students to showcase the excellent academic programs available to students at Western.

Our students meet with their advisor to prepare for the event, attend the event, and then their advisor will follow up afterwards to create a plan. During the event, students will have the opportunity to discuss majors directly with faculty and ask questions to get information based on their preparation with their professional advisor.

Faculty from each academic department gather in one location and are ready to share information about majors, minors, internships, and career outlook with students. We encourage students to work with their advisor before and after Majors Expo, to develop a plan for attending and then for putting information learned into action. Students will also have the opportunity to engage with faculty and staff from every University office offering opportunities for engagement and fun, which will support your academic journey and your social experience at Western.

Students will have the opportunity to participate in this three step program which offers high contact with our professional advisors, guidance throughout the event, and follow up afterwards to create a plan based on student goals after the event.

Register for Majors Expo

Majors Expo

Step 1: Plan
Step 2: Attend
Step 3: Follow Up
  • Register for Majors Expo
  • Request to take Assessments to learn about your preferences and suitable majors
  • Contact us to set up meeting with your advisor to review assessments and make a plan for your goals
  • Review assessment results with the Advisement Center advisors
  • Create a list of potential majors and include questions or information you’d like to get about the majors you’re interested in with your advisor
  • Bring a friend! We welcome tagalongs, so don’t worry if they didn’t register, we can handle it!
  • Check in with the Advisement Center when you arrive
  • Use the map to find the departments you’re interested in
  • Bring a list of questions about the information you’d like to get about each major
  • Write things down to share with your advisor at your follow up appointment
  • Enjoy the day! You don’t have to stay for the whole program, just get the information you need and you’re free to leave when you’re finished
  • Set up a follow up appointment with your advisor
  • Process What-If analysis from Degree Works for different majors
  • Discuss university and major requirements with your advisor
  • Make notes in DegreeWorks to save  information
  • Prepare to make an advisement appointment with the Department Chairs to get more specific information
  • Declare your major when you’re ready!