Advisement Center

Parent Information

The Academic Advisement Center (AAC) is staffed by six friendly, knowledgeable advisors in two offices – one at the Midtown Campus in Old Main 202. AAC advisors assist full and part-time Exploratory Studies (Undeclared) students no only in choosing a major area of study, but also in navigating the world of higher education. In addition, AAC advisors work with students who may want to change majors, as well as student populations that are at risk of struggling, academically.

Encourage your student to get to know his/her advisor early! While an appointment with an advisor is necessary to register for classes, there is so much more to the advisor/advisee relationship. Because advisors are knowledgeable about Western’s major areas of study, they can assist students in choosing or changing to a major that is well-suited to the student’s personality, personal goals, talents and strengths. Students can take online assessments that can aid in this process, and advisors can interpret those assessments to help students “see” themselves more clearly.

When advisors work with students, they discuss students’ academic performance and its implications, and assist students in decision-making skills; advisors refer students to appropriate sources of information and services including the Career Development Office, Counseling Center, Financial Aid, Math and Writing Centers, and Tutoring Resource Center, to name a few.